At Informed Home Inspections, we inspect all kinds of homes – including Manufactured Homes. Sometimes people feel that a home inspection isn’t necessary in this instance, after all it’s a factory built structure, what could possibly be wrong with it? When the home is brand new there is probably very little concern. After that though, things can go downhill in a hurry. As with any home, our home inspector looks at all potential issues, but the most common (almost universal) concern is an addition to the home. Most home owners have added on at some point, to some degree, and often this work is done without a permit.

To be offered for sale in BC every Manufactured Home must have an approval label. Usually, this is the CSA sticker similar to the one shown in this post. The catch is when an Addition is built with electrical service to it without a permit, that CSA sticker is no longer valid. That home can no longer be offered for sale.

Have you added on to your manufactured home without a permit? Or are you looking to buy one that has an addition with electricity? If a permit was not obtained at the time of construction all is not lost. A homeowner can apply for a Silver Label. An approved electrician will conduct an inspection, and submit the required documentation to Technical Safety BC. (Formerly BC Safety Authority) Please note that corrections to the electrical may be required. Once the electrical is approved a Silver Label is attached and the Manufactured Home is ready for sale. For more information visit the Technical Safety BC website.

At Informed Home Inspections our inspector always looks for the correct labels during a home inspection, as well as many other potential issues. Remember, just having the approval mark is not a guarantee that everything else in the home is in good condition.

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