Is your new home a money pit? Our Home Inspector will help you find out.

Lets walk through your new home together, and reveal the unknown. 

You have put a lot of effort into the purchase of your new home. I honour the privilege of your trust in me to advise you. I don’t gloss over the issues found during a home inspection. I talk about the actual condition of the building, the consequences of that condition, and what your next steps should be to address it.

I have been inspecting homes for over 12 years, whether it’s for new home buyers, or for construction and renovation projects. In addition to individual homeowners, I’ve worked extensively with First Nation, Municipal, and Provincial governments.

Because our collective knowledge of building science and process continues to evolve, I didn’t stop learning when I achieved my Residential Home Inspection Certificate from SAIT. I spend on average an additional month each year on continuing education.

Dallas Sturzenegger: Accredited Home Inspector (HIABC), CPBC Licence #71403

When it comes to Inspectors, as with homes, not all are equal. I receive regular phone calls from disappointed homeowners that didn’t use a knowledgeable inspector when they purchased their home, I’ve seen firsthand the mental anguish and genuine heartache of these people. Make Informed Home Inspections your first call, not your second.