What we “SEE”

  1. MOISTURE. In Northwest BC it is common to have water trapped in hidden areas leading to potential mold and rot of the structure.
  2. MISSING INSULATION in the wall cavity, and hidden attic spaces. You’d be surprised what we find, places where a window used to be now completely covered with no insulation inside, basements finished, you would assume insulation is there but it’s not.
  3. OVERHEATED ELECTRIC COMPONENTS. These are a potential fire hazard and so important that some commercial buildings are required to have an annual scan.

Without Thermal Imaging You Would Never Know!

Thermal imaging home inspection

Level 1 Certified Infrared Thermographer. (Per ANSI/ASNT CP-105 and CP-189 of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing)

Taking a correctly tuned thermal image is not like taking a picture with a standard camera. You need training, and skill to correctly diagnose potential problems.