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All this wonderful weather is the perfect opportunity to get a head start on a few yard maintenance items that will not only help curb appeal, but will make your yard safer, and extend the service life of some landscaping components.

PAINT DECKS & FENCES: A fresh coat of paint extends the life of the wood, preventing rot from setting in. Make sure to replace any damaged components, and prepare the surface properly before you start! Also it’s the perfect time to re-secure any fasteners that may have worked loose.

REPLACE PATIO SLABS: Any patio slabs that are broken present a serious tripping hazard, especially since you probably walk on them every day. Also, while you are replacing them make sure they are level and if you have steps, that they have a consistent rise over run. Finally, the slabs should slope away from your house at a minimum 2% grade. This will prevent surface water on your walkway from being directed towards your foundation. (Be sure to check out more about this in our related article! Basement Flooded?!?! )

FIX DAMAGED BORDERS: You may have borders between your driveway and lawn, your lawn and flower bed, around trees, any number of places. In addition, the materials used for borders are just as varied as the places we find them. Regardless of where they may be, make sure you replace any broken or damaged pieces, and ensure that they aren’t creating a tripping hazard for anyone. Also, if you have used bricks as a border make sure that they are not just loosely stacked but are secure.

Of course these are just some of the maintenance items in relation to your yard – for more tips visit us on Facebook

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